Mount Kenya Trekking Prices
For trips of 4 days or less our price is $110 USD per person per day. For trips of 5 or more days duration, it is $95 USD per person per day. This includes guiding, porters, transportation, food, and shelter (in the huts). It does not include the park mountaneering fee which is currently $70 USD per person for non-Kenyan adults for the first three days and then $20 per person per day for each additional day. Discounts apply for children and students. These prices are subject to change without notice by the Kenyan Wildlife Service. Please check their website here and click on their Tariffs tab.

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Prices
Our price is $95 USD per person day. This includes guiding, porters, food and transportation. Note that the duration of the trip depends on the route and the price does not include hotel accomodation which, depending on your tastes, will be anything from amazingly cheap to downright expensive. The price quoted here also does not include the substantial park fees of $90 USD per person per day ($60 for use and $30 for camping) for an adult non-Tanzanian. There are discounts for children and Tanzanians which you may review here. You will be required to pay this fee upon registration at the park. There is also a one time $20.00 rescue insurance fee. Note that you must obtain a Tanzanian visa to trek Kili which you must arrange in advance of your trip at the Tanzanian consulate of your home country or in Nairobi. Yes, trekking Mount Kenya is cheaper and less crowded but Kili has the allure of being higher and more people know about it etc etc etc. So, basically, for a 6 day trip it would be $95 per day for our services, 5 days in the park @ $60, 4 nights in the park @ $30 + $20 rescue-insurance-tourist-gouging-tax = $1010. There would then be the hotel fee which would vary, as we stated.

Camping Safaris
As mentioned, we can arrange custom camping safari experiences for you and your party at at Masai Mara, Samburu, Tsavo, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria or Lake Naivasha. Prices are generally negotiated on the basis of the number of people involved. For more than 4 tourists, it is $120 USD per person per day. For only 1 tourist it is $300-350 USD per day, depending on the length of the trip.

Tips is operated by Kenyan locals for whom this is their only income source. After paying for supplies, cooking fuel, vehicle rental an fuel the income of a porter on a per diem basis is less than $5. For this reason, your generosity is appreciated - a 10% tip goes a long way to feeding the families and paying the school fees of the children of our employees.

After payment is made and we have purchased the supplies (many perishable) for your trek, you will understand that we will be unable to refund your payment. If we have not yet purchased supplies then we will be able to refund your payment but we will retain a 10% non-refundable administration fee.

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